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Skinbooster: Rehydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid

Apr 14,2023 | iRENICE

Skinbooster: Rehydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid

Skinbooster are aesthetic medicine treatments that use the hydrophilic properties of hyaluronic acid to deeply rehydrate the skin. In the case of skinbooster, hyaluronic acid does not have the function to create volume ("volumizing" effect) but to hydrate, plump and nourish deeply and durably the skin to counteract the effects of skin aging.

There are different types of products in the family of skinboosters, including iRENICE® Skin Boosters, Restylane Skinboosters®, Juvéderm Volite® or Profhilo®. Each of its products has specificities in terms of indication treated, therapeutic protocol and durability of the result.

During an initial consultation of "diagnosis of your face", we will advise you on the type of treatment and the choice of product that will meet your expectations.

1. What are the skinbooster?

The term "skinboosters" was first proposed by Galderma laboratories within their range **iRENICE **, a reference in hyaluronic acid. It is now a generic term that describes a family of facial aesthetic medicine treatments using the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the tissues of all living organisms. Hyaluronic acid has the particularity of retaining water (** hydrophilic effect **). It helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue and its three-dimensional organization.

The human being manufactures and destroys every day about 5 grams of hyaluronic acid for tissue renewal. With aging, the production of hyaluronic acid by the body slows down, the skin becomes less hydrated and loses its elasticity and firmness.

What is the difference between hyaluronic acid and skinbooster?

If hyaluronic acid is the most important compound of skinboosters, they are nevertheless distinct treatments of "classic" injections of hyaluronic acid. Indeed, these two types of treatment do not respond to the same indications.

It should be known that there are several types of hyaluronic acid depending on their density. This is called hyaluronic acid more or less crosslinked. In certain types of hyaluronic acid injection, a highly cross-linked solution is used to obtain a maximum "volumizing" effect. This is particularly the case of injections to plump the lips or accentuate certain volumes of the face (such as cheekbones).

When it comes to answering an indication concerning the wrinkles of the face, forehead, neck or décolleté wrinkles, a less less crosslinked hyaluronic acid offers better results in filling wrinkles.

The hyaluronic acid contained in the skinbooster is moderately crosslinked, that is to say that it consists of fine particles. Unlike hyaluronic acid used for filling injections, it does not change volumes but focuses on moisturizingrepulping and nourishing deep and lasting skin through the call of water created by its hydrophilic character.

2. What are the indications of skinboosters?

A treatment based on skinboosters meets many indications and allows to obtain results on all skin types, whether they are more or less mature.

On young skin (before 40 years): the skin still has only a few wrinkles but it begins to lose tone and elasticity. On this type of skin, skinboosters help prevent sagging skin and slow down the appearance of wrinkles by providing the skin with hydration and tone. They also help to give a new radiance to the complexion and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

On mature skin (after 45 - 50 years): injections of skinbooster prevent skin aging by improving the quality, firmness and texture of the skin. They help to reduce wrinkles by repulping the skin (sometimes associating skinboosters with filling injections). Offering significant results in the face and lips, skinboosters can also be injected to improve the appearance of the skin in the neck, arms or thighs.

In general, the skinbooster:

  • Improve in depth the hydration of the skin,
  • Make the skin more elastic and firmer,
  • Smooth the skin,
  • Improves the texture of the skin ("wrinkling" effect on the décolleté or the cheeks),
  • Refine the grain of the skin,
  • Make the skin more radiant,
  • Slow skin aging and sagging skin,
  • Delay the appearance of the first wrinkles,
  • Mitigate the effects of photoaging,
  • Fills existing wrinkles,
  • How do the imperfections of the skin,
  • Revive collagen production by the body.

To assist you in treating the signs of aging of the face and help you determine if a skinboosters treatment meets your needs and expectations, the firm offers a diagnosis of your face. During this diagnosis, an in-depth assessment of the skin of your face will allow you to develop a tailor-made therapeutic protocol.

3. Which skinbooster is used?

Since the term skinbooster is a generic, there are different products in this family. More than their effectiveness, we must consider how each product can respond to different indications. Before giving injections, a "face diagnostic" consultation using devices for evaluating the aging of your skin will make it possible to determine a tailor-made therapeutic protocol.

4. The course of the session

Although variations can be observed depending on the products used, the injection protocol for skinboosters is generally similar.

Skinbooster injections are performed directly at the doctor's office. After disinfection of the skin in the treated area, the product is injected in depth using a very fine needle or a flexible cannula.

The treatment is little painful. Some products also contain a local anesthetic (lidocaine) to completely eliminate the pain caused by injections.

The consequences of the intervention are often very simple. Injections of skinboosters do not involve any social eviction and daily activities can resume at the end of the session.

In some cases, slight bruises may appear but they resorb quickly and can be easily masked. Slight swellings may also occur in the injection areas.

5. Before-After: Results obtained by skinbooster

If we find the same type of result depending on the products (deep hydration, improved elasticity and texture of the skin, attenuation of fine lines), the protocol needed to obtain them and their durability may vary slightly depending on the types of skinboosters used, the treated indications and the skin characteristics of the patients.

It is important to know that hyaluronic acid naturally resorbs in the body. It is also because it is gradually consumed by the body that it allows to obtain the desired rehydration.

For an optimal result, usually 2 or 3 sessions spaced a month apart, followed by maintenance injections every 6 to 9 months. Note that the advantage of Juvéderm Volite is to allow to obtain a significant result after a single session.